Chapter 2 - Demiourgos.Holdings™ Coding.Division™

Vertical ROI Mechanism
Coding.Division™ - first company specialized in blockchain developing, funded and owned by SFT Owners.
We successfully minted ~3500 SFTs worth ~2200 EGLD in late October / early November 2022.
A unique Collection, - each SFT comes with its original sci-fi soundtrack; An original album with 10 songs.
We deliver high-quality original content & entertainment in Web 3.0 using smart contracts.
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With the funds gathered from the mint, we hired full-time blockchain developers, which have already developed and launched the first Liquid-Staking Protocol on MultiversX™; Our own DEX is well underway, currently undergoing testing on DevNet/TestNet.


Instant airdrops to the CD SFT owners, from the subsidiary's earnings.


Instant airdrops to Demiourgos shareholders.


From SFT royalties go back to CD SFT owners.
The DAO Peering (former Fellowship) on (former Superciety) will transparently funnel all funds before distribution.
The first project developed by Coding.Division™ is our second subsidiary, VestaX.Finance™. From its SFT sales Coding.Division™ earns 10%; Earnings from the sale of Golden and Silver Vesta already have been distributed to its beneficiaries (Bronze Vesta SFT Sale is still pending). Furthermore, Coding.Division™ owns 400 Silver Vesta SFTs, as such Coding.Division™ SFT owners will earn 3% of all VestaX.Finance™ profits for life.
More projects under Coding Division
in Q1 2023.

A huge project on the blockchain, defined by a multi-social media platform similar to TikTok where you can monetize your own social media content alongside top artists from around the world. Win crypto on MultiversX™ with FAME!

2. CoOllOoK Orion

Our friends and partners which will be fully serviced by Coding.Division™; this includes artwork, minting SC, marketing & PR, hosting, etc. We have a long-term partnership of incubating, launching, and maintaining the whole DEFI/DAO protocols for CoOllOoK Orion.

3. Upcoming MVP of Demiourgos

The DDI app for Crypto Taxes paid to Governments through our very own Decentralized App (Dapp), simplifying any crypto investor's life. Nobody did that before, so we are yet again pioneers in defining the regulation and integration of the Crypto phenomenon at higher levels than anyone else before us.

Coding.Division™ will reward its benefactors with between 5 and 20% of the funds raised by these projects; These Benefactors are represented by Coding.Division™ SFT Owners and Demiourgos.Holdings™ Shareholders

These Projects are only planned for the 1st Quarter of 2023.
More projects are waiting in line and will be announced on a later date!

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