Chapter 1 - Demiourgos.Holdings™ "Snakes"

1.1. Demiourgos.Holdings™
Vertical ROI Mechanism
SC Demiourgos Holdings SA is a Joint-Stock Holding Company created with 1 million shares.
On June, 20th 2022 we minted 600 "Snakes" now owning 30% of all available shares.
The remaining 400 "Snakes", representing 20% of all available shares, are to be released in 2023.
At this moment, each "Snake" NFT represents 500 Company shares.
1.2. The Capitalization Stock Market mechanism
Investors, investing in the company, provide the Capital required for the Company to grow. In return, they receive Company shares proportionally with their investment. Multiple capitalizations can and will be made, both in private rounds, until the Company will be listed on regulated stock exchanges later on.
1.3. Initial Capitalization
Stage One

The first batch of the shares was available at 60-90 USD per minted "Snake" (1-1.5 EGLD)= approx 0.12-0.18 USD per share.

Stage Two

A second "Snake" mint will sell 400 "Snakes" to private investors. Private investors acquiring 10% of the Company would come with 500.000 USD to buy 200 NFTs (the price per NFT would be 2.000 USD). The last batch of "Snakes" could be made available at a price of 5.000 USD per NFT, for another theoretical 1.000.000 USD Cash injection, in return for the last 10% of the company shares to be represented by "Snakes".

"Snake" floor price would then be 5.000 USD, proven by the last sale/mint on the blockchain, which would technicaly make each share 10 USD in value.
Furthemore, the Company would thus have a 1.5 Million USD to grow, expand, deliver new products, make movies, open new division, and get a return of investment (ROI).
The next capilatization would see the total shares increase from 1.000.000 shares to 10.000.000 shares, in the 2nd capitalization round.
1.4. Second Capitalization
With the 2nd capitalization, the Company would increase the number of shares from 1.000.000 shares to 10.000.000 shares. 20% of the new total would be made available for a cash injection from investors, so we can all grow together. Therefore, 2 million shares would be available for private acquisition. In this scenario, each "Snake" NFT would represent the 1000th part of 4 million shares (half of the remaining 8 million), and each "Snake" would thus grow in share value from 500 to 4.000 Shares.
This means, there would be a total of 10 million shares, 2 million of which would be made available for private investors, while the rest of 8 million would remain with the Company.
As the "Snakes" hold half of all Company shares, each "Snake" would represent 4.000 Shares.
If these 2.000.000 shares were to be sold for 2 USD per share (suggested price), 1 "Snake" representing 4.000 Shares would be valued at 8.000 USD.
1.5. Third Capitalization
For the 3rd round, we would increase again the Company shares number, and would dilute their value, which would make the shares appealing to new investors (buy cheap and expect growth).

The Company would increase the Shares from 10.000.000 to 50.000.000. 10.000.000 shares would again be made available for new investors, while 40.000.000 would stay with the previous investors. From these 40.000.000, 2.000.000 would already belong to the investors that invested in the 2nd capitalization round, and the Company would thus hold 38.000.000 Shares (as per this example).
Since "Snakes" hold 50% of the Company shares, this would make 1 "Snake" worth 19.000 Shares. If the 10.000.000 share sale were to take place at 5 USD per share, this would put a single "Snake" at a value of 95.000 USD.
This can be done over and over in private sale rounds, until the Company is listed on stock markets, and be represented by an equity broker, who will manage the Company's shares on the stock market.
As a comparison, Tesla Motors launched its initial public offering on NASDAQ on June 29 2010, when 13.300.000 shares of common stock were issued to the public at a price of 17 USD per share. The IPO raised 226 MIL USD for the Company. Now there are approximately 3 billion Shares according to Nasdaq (Dec 2022). They capitalized over and over again, increasing share number, and receiving cash injection to grow and expand.

This recipe is proven and its working since 1930.

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