Chapter 3 - Demiourgos Holdings "Vesta X Finance"

Vertical ROI Mechanism
VestaX.Finance™ is designed as a mechanism of fast ROI (Return-of-Investment) for Demiourgos investors
December 29 2022

1st batch of 600 Golden VestaX.Finance™ SFTs for our Snake NFT Holders, sold out in 2 minutes! Dream big!
December 30 2022

Second batch of 400 Golden VestaX.Finance™ SFTs for our Coding.Division™ SFT Holders, sold out in 30 minutes!
January 20 2023

1000 Silver VestaX.Finance™ SFTs sold via X-Launcher.

200 are kept for the Team, 400 are owned by Coding.Division™, 400 are kept for future sales.
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The audits of THE FIRST liquid EGLD on the Multivers X are successfully DONE!

We want to take this opportunity to thank our 2 auditors, ARDA and BHAT, for the help and professionalism. We also have the official address of deployment as well, all for the maximum security and safety available. Please find the two official audit PDFs attached
VestaX.Finance Arda Audit VestaX.Finance Bhat Audit

Liquid Protocol - vEGLD

Right now, we have a minimal 5% fee of the yearly APR from the staked EGLD. This fee will go higher to 10% as the adoption of the vEGLD increase, now being a promotional fee.

Assuming a mild 10% APR for the staked EGLD, over 1000 EGLD staked egld, 100 egld in earnings are generated from staking in one year; from this, the protocol now receives 5 EGLD (to be shared with its beneficiaries). The client won't feel this small fee, but with a higher volume of staked EGLD, it's a reasonable revenue for us.

There are 15.577 Million EGLD staked (62.28%), how much of that could we convert to vEGLD?

The Vesta X Dex

The VestaX.Finance™ DEX will employ a minimum swap fee of 1% from any transaction made (Token Owners may choose to set it higher); While the liquidity providers earn 30%, and VestaX.Finance™ earns 20%, for the first time ever, the Token Owners will have the possibility to earn a part of the swap fee with a 10% share; The remaining 40% is returned back as rewards to VESTA Stakers.

The Lending Platform

On our Credit Score based Lending Platform, we will charge a fee of 5-10% for any loan provided.

The DDI App with Crypto Taxes Smart Contract

Our MVP is Digital Demiourgos Interface (DDI app) which includes the above mentioned protocols of Liquid EGLD + Swaps in Dex + Farms in Dex + Lending Platform, and on top of that we offer FIAT exchange with crypto taxes paid automatically in the name of our client.

For this service, we will charge 1% of all Crypto-FIAT swaps in our app. So, if the taxes are 10% for crypto revenues + 1% to our app for the service, the client will be charged 11% from the FIAT withdrawal.

Revenue will be generated with each transaction on our DEX, and with each passing epoch from the Liquid-Staking Protocol; VestaX.Finance™ SFT Owners will receive a weekly revenue airdrop, as funds gather daily in the Peerme DAO Vault.


stay with VestaX team for development


to 1000 Golden Vesta SFTs


to 2000 Silver Vesta SFTs


to 4000 Bronze Vesta SFTs
The verticalization of Demiourgos ROI mechanism is now complete,
and the masterplan is in motion as:
We have the flagship and most valuable NFT (Snakes) owning shares in the Company which receive 50% of anything cashed in from all and any sources, with revenues distributed yearly via DAO.
We have The Coding.Division™ designed to bring instant revenues 5-20% of any project launched/developed, with revenues distributed monthly via DAO.
We have the VestaX.Finance™ designed to bring even faster ROI, with revenues distributed weekly via DAO.

This mechanism will provide a steady revenue to all of our holders, weekly-monthly-yearly.

Once we hit this milestone with the launch of our DEX in early March 2023, the last piece of the puzzle is to start producing real-world movies and generate real-world FIAT revenues only to reinvest them back in the blockchain and support our whole ecosystem.

Our investors will receive ROI from the blockchain activity and infrastructure we have created, and will be able to reinvest it in Film Industry ownership such as:
Rental Division in the real world with 50% ownership
Film Studios in the real world with 50% ownership
Film production & distribution with Cinema Cafe in real-world with 50% ownership

With revenues from the blockchain and reinvesting FIAT back, we will build together, harder, better, faster, stronger, guided by a steady vision.

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