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Demiourgos Holdings Coding Division

The first company of blockchain coding funded and owned by NFT owners

SC DEMIOURGOS HOLDINGS SA is a registered shareholders company in Bucharest, Romania. Our Coding Division is the first company of blockchain coding, funded and owned by NFT owners on Elrond Blockchain.

A subsidiary of Demiourgos Holdings, the job of the coding division will be to provide the infrastructure for the whole Demiourgos metaverse and ecosystem on Elrond Blockchain.

As well as supporting other projects that need coding for a reasonable fee.
50% of all yearly revenues of the Coding Division are to be shared with its NFT owners'. The other 50% will go to the mother company of Demiourgos Holdings.

The day is not far when worldwide Entertainment will coexist in web 3.0 with blockchain integration. We envision that day and we will be ready for it when it comes.

The Collection

1. Snake Eye

Long dormant sentient AI, Snake Eye. Coded by a mad developer back in the 80s. Was awakened by Demiourgos. With the help of our Coding Division it searches for his coder.

2. Rudis

Of Japanese origin, Rudis was forced by the Yakuza to leave his homeland. His ancestors were traced back to the 47 Ronin riot on the 14th of December 1702. A bounty is placed on his head for "bad genetics". He found shelter at our Coding Division.
Works remote.

3. Gwen

After the great nuclear war between East and West, Gwen was forced to leave her homeland. She comes from the East and met her love in the West. Together they try to prove that East and West can love each other.
She joined our Coding Division shortly after her runaway in Europe.

4. Clutter

Born in the USA, Clutter migrated to Europe where he met Gwen - an Asian runaway. They fell in love and the rest is history, at least that is what they believe.

Together they are the heart and soul of our team at Demiourgos Holdings.

5. Bangai

She is the most respected and feared hacker of her time. Born in Romania, she hacked her billionaire husband's accounts and build a submarine secret refuge for all the hackers in the world. Some say her refuge is at the Arctic or the North Pole, others in the nuclear seas of the East. Most of us believe she remains close to her home.
Bangai offers council to Coding Division from time to time.

6. Binos

Binos grew up as a poor kid in West Africa. From childhood, he studied coding, and finally it paid off in his mid-20s after the Great War between East and West. Africa became the strongest continent on Earth and Binos became a leader in his community.
He joined Demiourgos Coding Division as a high esteemed and skilled visionary in coding.

7. Rubia

Born and raised in Paris, she loved poetry and arts since childhood. His father, a team lead programmer at CERN European Organization of Nuclear Research, forced her to follow his steps as a programmer. Rubia turned into a punk rebel queen and spent most of her time in the suburbs of Paris doing riots against the system. Rubia Hacked the CERN whole system and joined Bangai as sister-in-love. Her father was imprisoned for treason.

8. Ocultus

He is the mastermind behind the Coding Division. As nobody knows his true identity, most of us believe Ocultus managed to clone himself by awakening and using Snake Eye.
Archive footage of strange occult rituals between androids and humans leaked to the press. He is one of the most wanted coders between friends and foes.

9. Oreta

At age 17 she saved London from the great ocean flood that came during the War between East and West by using a code to align electronical devices and hardware memory.

After the government stole her work, she was recruited by Ocultus for a greater cause.

10. Binar

In his youth, Binar developed the Elrond Blockchain. Nobody knows exactly his whereabouts and most forgot his name. During The Great War, people priorities their lives over the development of new technologies. Binar helped fund the war efforts of the West against the East. Today he is rarely seen in public. About once a year he visits our Coding Division. He brings lots of champagne.

Full Collection receive BLOOMING NFT feature.
Each NFT comes with its original sci-fi soundtrack. A 10 songs original full album.


- 30% discount and whitelisted for all Demiourgos projects.
- 50% of yearly revenues to be distributed to the whole collection of 10k.
- 100% royalties from secondary markets trade to the NFTs owners.
- 5% charity to for the fallen heroes of the 1989 Communist Revolution.
- qualifies for staking on our upcoming Tokenomics. Up to 8% from daily token issuance to Coding Division.
- access to 1st private round of Tokens sales with nearly the maximum discount possible.

Live Minting starting on 21.10.2022 on 5 PM UTC on MultiversX Blockchain.

Later edit: Finished now, thank you!

First 24h Seed Round for Snakes Holders at 0.63 EGLD mintings.

Maximum 5 Coding Division NFTs per snake.

Next 48h Private Round for the 10 Elrond Partners and their holders. Minting at 1 EGLD a piece. No limit set.

Next 72h Public Round is for everybody else at 1.25 EGLD minting. No limit set.


The minting page will be made public around the date of 21.10.2022
on our discord and Twitter. Stay tuned.

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The creative people behind Demiourgos Coding Division

Paul Arion

CEO & Cofounder Demiourgos
Paul Arion on IMBD

Florian Anghel

Head of Vision & Cofounder Demiourgos
Florian A. Anghel on IMBD

Ancient Hodler

Head of Tokenomics
Demiourgos Holdings Tokenomics

Sandulache Dumitru

Head of Coding Division
Sandulache Dumitru on Linkedin

Kent Arai

Team Lead Coding Division
Kent Arai on Linkedin

Alexandru Bolog

Web 3
Alexandru Bolog on Linkedin

Sorin Craciun

Art Director, illustrator, concept art designer
Sorin Craciun @ Elanul Galben

Bogdan Hladiuc

Sound Designer, music composer, mixing
Bogdan Hladiuc on IMBD

SC Demiourgos Holdings SA is a registered shareholder company in Bucharest, Romania. It is the first company in the world funded & owned by NFTs.

Our destiny is to deliver high-quality original content & entertainment in web 3.0 using smart contracts on Elrond Blockchain.

We set up and launch a Demiourgos Ecosystem in Metaverse on Elrond to achieve our goals, delivered within a single intelligent app.

By doing all these multitasking and synergic activities, our company opens and owns 50% of multiple other child companies. Each is set and designed for a specific activity.

The first Division is for the Coding required to kickstart our own ecosystem within the Elrond Blockchain.

Any revenues generated by our whole ecosystem and metaverse, both on blockchain and in the real world, are shared 50% with our Elrond Investors & NFT Owners.

Demiourgos Holdings Whitepaper

Demiourgos Holdings Tokenomics


This is more than charity, this is about remembering and honouring the very symbol of Romanian freedom & democracy: the first children killed in Bucharest during the Romanian Revolution in 1989. The present has forgotten them and there is literally no monument to remind us about their sacrifice for our today's freedom.

The donation will be made directly to the "Humanitarian Foundation Mihai Gitlan". Find more about this here: https://www.fumg.org

We will donate 5% of EGLD sales for Demiourgos Coding Division.

Our community on Elrond Blockchain will raise this monument of honour & respect for our fallen heroes.



We’re available to provide more info about this project and more - info@demiourgos.holdings

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